About Us


D+J Concepts is known for a high-end cutting edge approach to design with a balance between functionality and imagination. We skillfully and tastefully transform ordinary spaces into classic modern styles, which are understated, and luxe. We’re known for our modern transitional style incorporating antiques and modern elements for an unexpected edge.  



An engagement with D&J starts with a comprehensive consultation on your proposed projects, where your lifestyle, design style, desires and budgets are mapped out in a master plan which gives you a broad sense of your options in working with us. 



The next phase is to fully plan the projects, including engineering, architectural design, drafting, artist renderings, materials selection, budgeting and timing. Only until you're thrilled with the design package we deliver will we move on to the next phase. 



When a project commences with D&J, this should be a happy time for you. Equipped with a master plan, detailed designs and an excellent construction team, the only thing keeping you from experiencing the space of your dreams is time. 

Quality Control


D&J has a strict quality control plan ("QA") in place that keeps contractors, builders and tradesmen honest and in-line with our quality construction standards. By implementing our QA plan, we're able to keep your projects on-time and within budget every time. 



Now it's time to celebrate and pop that bottle of champagne. After completing a project, D&J will continue to work on your behalf to insure moving in to your new space is seamless and comfortable.